Token Allocation
  • Initial Offering
  • Dev Fund
  • Team Token
  • Bounty
  • Reward Pool
    75 %

About TMM


We are a team of skilled people having good knowledge of the industry. We are experienced and realistic. We have good knowledge of running business, creating investment opportunities and building network.


The market is full of opportunities. Internet & blockchain has changed the traditional businesses and create lot of new opportunities. The world is moving toward 5G Internet which is supportive for blockchain, AI, IoT.


We are a small team to manage so many verticals of businesses. We understand our weaknesses and looking for young and passionate to join us as our team & TMM Community.


Every new opportunity comes with challenges. There are a lot of challenges in the market. Many country still don’t have clear law for blockchain based businesses and cryptocurrencies. However many countries have started working on it aggressively.

Steps of Success

TMM Token

We have developed TMM tokens on Blockchain which will play key role to lead the whole business.


We are developing TMM community. We have launched Token staking platform and referral reward for community.


We are developing many businesses and services e.g. payment & wallet services, cryptocurrency exchanges, e-commerce portal, gaming portal, real estate, hotel booking engine etc.


We have long term plan to engage our community with our business & services. We will provide them opportunities for investment as well as businesses.

Why Invest in TMM

Do not Invest in TMM. Just Join TMM community and follow the steps of success. Together we can.

Join Community – get staking reward & referral income

TMM welcomes every one to its community, either service user or service provider.

TMM Wallet

Store your cryptocurrencies, Use TMM Wallet

TMM will provide the best solution for cryptocurrency payment. One can also use TMM Wallet & TMM Exchange.

TMM Exchange

Trade on TMM Exchange, get referral income

TMM is providing white label solutions for small & medium businesses.


Join our E-Commerce platforms as a user or a merchant

TMM is providing white label solutions for small & medium businesses.

TMM Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Contract Created Date 2021-02-08 09:30:23 (UTC)
Token Name Tron Making Machine (TMM)
Token Type TRC20
Contract Address TR5BtLmuY8hvNhMa8UT8aWenNJEL2evsDN
Blockchain Explorer
Total Token (max. supply) 5,000,000
ICO Price 0.3 TRX/TMM
Initial Offering 750,000
Development Fund 250,000
Team Token 150,000
Airdrop & Bounty 100,000
Reward Pool 3,750,000

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

2021-Q1 TMM Tokens

Development of Smart-contract and Token generation. Initial Token distribution.

2021-Q2 Community

Development of staking and referral reward program for community engagement and community development

2021-Q3 TMM Exchange

We will launch beta version of TMM Exchange. Our goal is to be in top ten Cryptocurrency exchanges by volume.

2021-Q4 Wallet

We will launch beta version of TMM-wallet for cryptocurrency and payment gateway solutions for merchants.

2022-Q1 Businesses

We will develop the roadmap of the businesses and will publish separate whitepapers for each businesses

2022-Q2 Gaming Platform

Our team is developing a number of good games for our gaming platform. We will launch both online and off line games.

2022-Q3 E-commerce

We will launch E-commerce white label solutions. That will be a plug & play solution for small & medium businesses.

2022-Q4 Real Estate

We will initiate a real-estate division which develop projects and tokenize them to provide investment opportunities for all.

2023-Q1 Travel Portal

We have our hotel booking engine. We will launch a travel portal for hotels, resorts & holiday packages.

2023-Q2 e-Learning

We are working on e-Learning app. We will provide e-Learning from pre-nursery level to higher secondary level.

2023-Q3 OTT Platform

Our team is working on TMM OTT Platform. We are also looking for tie ups with other OTTs to provide more content in our network.

2023-Q4 Social Platform

Our team is working on Social networking platforms. These platforms will be connected to our wallet & Exchange.

TMM Team

CEO & Lead Blockchain


CEO & Lead Blockchain

He had done Masters of Cloud Computing & IoT. He Has deeply studied blockchain applications over the years and led a blockchain technology team to develop systems for health, education, Supply chain, and agricultural traceability projects.

Blockchain 85%
Decentralization 68%
CTO & Software Engineer


CTO & Software Engineer

He is a strong believer of cryptocurrencies. He is an early participant of the digital currency market. He is an expert in the consensus mechanism principle of blockchain and the related asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Sr.Backend developer


Sr.Backend developer

He began to contact Bitcoin in 2013 with a strong interest and in-depth study of digital money and decentralized management thinking. Has a wealth of practical experience in the business management, market research, channel construction, business cooperation and business model.

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

He has started to set up a number of IoT enterprises and laid out the industrial chain of the Internet of Things. The products and services developed under his guidance are very popular.


Below we’ve provided a bit of queries which is commonly asked. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is a TMM Token?

TMM Token has been created by TMM Group to out-reach its businesses to the next level by using blockchain technology.

TMM Group is launching many businesses e.g. TMM Wallet, TMM Exchange, TMM Games, TMM Prop, TMM Hotels, TMM Kids, TMM Tv, TMM Cart. TMM tokens will be the backbone of the whole ecosystem. It is also being used for developing TMM community through staking and other promotional campaigns.

Please visit staking website for detailed information.

TMM tokens are currently being traded on Just Swap. Follow the link to trade TMM tokens :